About Us

We are Omaha Virtual Reality, and we want to bring Omaha a true virtual reality experience! We offer high end gaming and experiences at our store at the Westroads Mall every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, or we will bring the experience to your next party or event.

We want to bring Omaha a true virtual reality experience!  Check out the menu options on top of the page and peruse the games and packages available.  Please call us at 402.983.0707 or email us at omahavirtualreality@gmail.com with any questions!

We hope to see you in the virtual world,

Matt & Shannon

Why VR?

Let’s face it, video games are a ton of fun!  However, they are the opposite of active and they do not really involve you in the game.  What if you could have fun playing games, be active (burn calories=lose weight!), and actually be a part of the gaming experience?  Now you can when you step into virtual reality!  Swing YOUR arms (not the characters in the game) and hit virtual objects, duck for incoming hits, and have fun while being active!


Besides being fun and adding to your activity level, VR can be used for many things.  Imagine a team building corporate event where you talk each other through disarming a bomb, a bachelor party with a boxing match against your buddies, a birthday party for kids or adults, or your next fundraiser!  Let us help you bring a new and exciting virtual experience to your next event!

Wanna play?

Here is a sample of games available.  Click on the drop down for a preview!  Check back often for updates to our games list!  Please contact us if your favorite game is not listed and we can discuss making it a reality for your party!

Parties and Events

Let us bring the fun to you!  Book an event and get two VR machines (including attendants to give you the best experience possible) for two hours.  Wow your guest with the best experience in Omaha!  A variety of games are available to choose from, it’s your call if you want to laugh, scream, or compete for high scores!

 Pricing for the VR systems are:

  • 2 machines / 2 hours of play / $250

*The systems are available to rent in 2 hour blocks, for up to 6 hours*

We would really like the chance to bring the VR experience to you, however, there are a few things we would like you to consider before booking:

-Space:  Each machine will need a 6’x6′ space for optimal play.  We can play it in a standing room only space, but it’s going to feel a little more cramped and, in our opinion, won’t provide the best experience possible.  We are willing and able to help move some stuff around if we need to, to provide the space needed for optimal play 🙂

-Number of guests:  While we don’t want to limit the number of guests you can invite, we do ask you to consider the time limit.  It will take approx 5 to 7 minutes for each person to play if we limit it to three rounds per person.  This is why we offer the two machines for such a discounted rate, we really want everyone to be able to experience how cool this is and get a good amount of playing time in the virtual reality world!

-Pricing:  Half of your booking fee will be due at the time of booking to reserve your spot.  This is non-refundable if cancelling within 72 hours of your scheduled event.  The rest is due the day of the party.  We accept payment through Square, so it’s easy for everyone!

Please call us at 402.983.0707 or email us at omahavirtualreality@gmail.com with any questions regarding what to expect at your party or what would be a best fit for you and your guests at your next virtual reality experience!


When you are ready to book your virtual reality experience please call us at 402.983.0707 or email us at omahavirtualreality@gmail.com.  We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding your upcoming party!