Looking to get your team together but  tired of the same ol’ same ol’? Want something fun and exciting? Whether you are looking for team building in small groups, celebrating on a large scale, or company parties, we can give you an experience your guests won’t forget.  We can host events at our Benson location or join you at your venue, we understand each group will be different and we work to accommodate any special requests.

  • If you are hosting a themed event, the chances are good we can find something to fit with your theme
  • Custom messages in game available
  • Display screens so observers can see the action
  • A party host to guide guests through the experience
  •  Multi player games available – A must for team building!
  • If we are hosting your event here, food and drink are allowed

Pricing in store:

4 machines / 2 hours of play / $250

*Add up to 4 more machines for only $50 each!

Pricing at your venue:

2 machines / 2 hours / $500 includes local travel and setup.

Don’t miss out, contact us today to book a spot, and host the event people won’t stop talking about!